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What ATVEA is

ATVEA is the All Terrain Vehicle Industry European Association. ATVEA is a non-profit industry association founded in 2003, at a moment when the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) market began to experience strong growth.

ATVEA wants to promote the correct and responsible use of ATVs in Europe, and to enable its members to work more closely together on issues of mutual interest.

Since 2010, ATVEA is also working on the correct and responsible use of Side-by-Side Machines, which represent a growing market in Europe. For more information, please contact ATVEA Secretariat in Brussels.

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Latest ATVEA Publications

Please find below the ATVEA most recent publications:

ATVEA Press Release: ATVEA Presents its Code of Conduct for ATV users (22 January 2010)



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