ATVEA Objectives & Commitments


ATVEA has 4 main objectives, which are:

  • To promote the correct and responsible use of ATVs and Side-by-Sides (SbS) in Europe
  • To contribute to the development of an appropriate legal and regulatory framework regarding the design and use of ATVs and SbS at European and national
  • To contribute to ATV and SbS user education and training
  • To seek to cooperate with other industry stakeholders on an international basis


ATVEA members agree to adhere to a number of commitments that will enable the association to function efficiently.

ATVEA’s commitments:

  • Design and build ATVs and SbS according to the ATV and SbS descriptions. Vehicles of similar appearance are outside the scope of ATVEA
  • Promote, through advertising and marketing efforts, the use of appropriate safety equipment and show ATVs and SbS riding on unpaved surfaces only
  • Agree that paved surfaces require specific usage guidelines exactly in the way rocks, sand, snow, etc. do
  • Work towards the adoption of legal requirements for appropriate ATV and SbS construction and use in the European environment
  • Implement an effective voluntary education programme, SVIA based (Speciality Vehicle Institute of America), adapted to EU legislative requirements and riding environment
  • Ensure that dealers and distributors do not misrepresent ATVs and SbS